You do know we live in a globe, right? Do you know what’s on the opposite side of the earth, the antipode, from where you are? Where would you pop out were you able to tunnel to that other side (which geologists and physicists will tell you is impossible due to heat and pressure)?

Let’s find out. Make some guesses first. Then, use the Antipodes Map to find out where in the world is opposite from where you are. Save the maps as a screenshot.

From my home town, well I ended up in the Indian Ocean.

Digging through the middle of the earth from Strawberry Arizona, I emerge in the Indian Ocean. Oi.

Most locations in the US and Canada put you in that Ocean. So you might have to swim. How far? Well this is just for fun, but you will learn a new technique to use in Google Maps.

Copy the value of the coordinates of where the Antipodes Map said you emerged. For me, it was -34.407806, 68.506525

Go to Google Maps, paste the numbers in the search box, and press the magnifier icon. It will place a red pin in the middle of the map, in that ocean. Then zoom out on the map until you can see some land, in my case I saw Madagascar

Nearest land to where my antipodes put me?

But a bit closer is Reunion Island. That seems appropriate. Now here is the cool tool trick. Right-Click (on Windows OS) or control-click (on Mac OSX) and from the menu that pops up, select Measure Distance:

Right or control click on the destination, and select from the menu

Then it reminds you to click on the map for the place to measure a distance too- that’s your red pin.

And BOOM! I find out I will have to swim 1,194.97 mi (1,923.11 km) from my Antipodes to the nearest land!

Make a screenshot of that distance too, then try to combine your images into one when you tweet your journey.

You may notice you can keep clicking paths, and Google Maps will build a running total of the path. Maybe you can think of some way you can use such a capability in your own teaching? Or you may want to explore some of the other options under that little menu you found when clicking any location in Google Maps.

Start swimming!

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