If you fashion only one quilt this fall, contribute to the Open Faculty Patchbook. If you are crafty enough to have two quilts in ya, read on!

Create your own image quilt! Use your favourite artist, website, maybe even yourself [if you’ve been living on the web long or hard enough]. Just follow these steps, play, and then publish your quilt. Make sure to tweet the pic.

  1. Open the browser Chrome. Apologies, this one is browser specific.
  2. Search for Image Quilts (Thank you, Adam Schwartz!) and add the extension to the Chrome browser. Don’t worry, it’s a click.
  3. Perform your favourite search and limit to images.
  4. Hit the IQ[red] button on your browser menu.
  5. Play with the options e.g., delete images, drag and drop, resize, greyscale. In other words, make your own unique quilt.
  6. Download the .png and tweet it.

Here’s some quirky inspiration for your quilts from the Leonardo da Vinci of data visualization, Edward Tufte

image credit “Wisconsin barn quilts IMG_2491” flickr photo by Nic’s events https://flickr.com/photos/nics_events/3895192928 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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