A SPLOT is… a thing. A small thing. A small thing that helps people teach and learn things. A small thing that helps people teach and learn things using technology maybe.

For example: The Comparator, which puts before and after photos together in a slick, shiny way. Or, can it be? This here Daily Extend site is a SPLOT itself? Yes, it can!

But… what does S.P.L.O.T. stand for, you may ask? Well, that’s up to you, we may answer.


This is a debate for the ages. Not quite at the level of how to pronounce GIF, but it’s up there.

What’s your take on it? Simple, Pretty, Little Object for Teaching? Something Puny, Less (than) Open Textbooks?

Give us your response in a Tweet. Super Double Extra Extend Points if you suggest an idea for a SPLOT!

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext59

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