Take a ride on the Wikipedia Mystery machine! On the left side of every page in Wikipedia is the handy Random Article link.

Your task is to take the first one you find and tweet something about it as if you were an expert. Our example landed us on the article for Archidium elatum:

a species of moss in the family Archidiaceae. It is native to New Zealand, where it occurs on the North Island and Chatham Island, and Australia, where it can be found in Queensland and New South Wales.

This moss grows on wet basalt and other coastal rock formations. In some areas it is associated with Campylopus introflexus, Ceratodon purpureus, Disphyma australe, and Astelia banksii.

Wikipedia entry page for Archidium elatum -- it's rather sparse

We might suggest in twitter:

Our naturalists in western Ontario have discovered a possible Canadian spotting of “Archidium elatum” growing on a basalt boulder near Point Pelee. Chromatic analysis is pending data returned to us from New Zealand.

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