Spritz is a speed reading… thing-a-ma-bob. It moves the words through one place that you stare at instead of us doing all of the onerous moving back and forth of the eyes. It’s certainly a different reading experience. Want to try?

Go to http://www.spritzlet.com/ and do the things it says for you to do to use the tool.


GIF of Spritz in action, with the words of an article scrolling by at 450 words per mintues


To get an ‘A’ on today’s Daily Extend, do two things: Spritz an article that you’ve been meaning to read and then Tweet back your thoughts on the Spritz experience. Don’t try cranking it up to 800 wpm though, you may read the whole Internet by accident and then you will know too much.

As another option, you could try to experience an article being read to you, using something like the Read Aloud Chrome extension.

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext332

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