To pump someone’s tires, at its simplest, is to give someone a compliment. To fill them up a little bit.

people behind you at the movies think you are the perfect height

As we kick off the Collaborator Module, one dedicated to building connections with each other, let’s pump some tires today in Extend mOOC.

Here are some options:

-Take a screenshot of your favorite compliment that comes up at Emergency Compliment and tweet it to another ExtendmOOC participant.

-Go in to discussion forums and upvote people like crazy. (the + button, top right of every post). Don’t be stingy!

-Quote retweet something tweeted to our hashtag (#ExtendmOOC) and gush about their work.

Tell us how you pumped someone’s tires in a tweet or by commenting on this page.


Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext321

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