One of the largest collections of open licensed media is Wikimedia Commons that contains media used across sites that are part of the foundation that is much more than the encyclopedia.

Start exploring at the index of all categories of media identified as Canadian — it will take a series of narrowing topics to find something, so go deep to find an interesting piece of media.

Find an interesting piece of Canadian media to curate, eh? and include the usage rights.

Like a photo of John Alexander Douglas McCurdy:

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Aviation pioneer John Alexander Douglas McCurdy at the controls of the AEA Silver Dart. The City of Toronto archival notation reads: “Item consists of one photograph of a man sitting in an airplane. Information provided by a researcher indicates that the man is probably J.A.D. McCurdy in a bi-plane with 7-cylinder Gnome rotary engine, and that the event is probably either the Aviation Meet held at Donlands Farm, Todmorden Mills, August 3-5, 1911, or the Aviation Meet, Hamilton, July 27-29, 1911.”

It took quite a bit of exploring, wandering, and trying not to get distracted along the way. Here is the path:

  1. Started at Canada main category...
  2. Science and Technology in Canada
  3. Technology in Canada
  4. Aviation in Canada
  5. History of Aviation in Canada
  6. Aviation Pioneers from Canada
  7. John Alexander Douglas McCurdy

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