During the Fall of 2018, Ontario Extend (while building this mOOC) ran a little side project called the 9x9x25 Blogging Challenge. It was simple, but not easy. Educators were asked to write one blog post per week, for 9 weeks, with each post being a minimum of 25 sentences (9 posts in 9 weeks, 25 sentences each). The writing was to be about anything pedagogical.

What resulted was 416 total posts from 42 blogs. A few of the folks in the mOOC joined in on all the fun.

During the challenge, one of our Daily Extends asked people to go and find a quote from one of the 9x9x25ers that resonated with them, pop it on to an openly licensed image to make it into kind of a motivational poster.

Irene Stewart, Ontario Extend enthusiast and ExtendmOOC TA, really enjoyed making these. She even made a little tutorial for you. Irene used MS Publisher, but you could use other tools like MS Paint, Photoshop, or try an online tool like Canva.com

Let’s try it out in the mOOC. Find a quote in one of the discussion boards that resonated with you, plop it onto a pretty picture, and share it here! Your fellow mOOCers will be tickled to see their words resonated with you!

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext317

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