Animated GIFs are fun, right? They are shared so easily. But can they do than that? Can you think of them as minature movies?

Think of animated GIFs as a way to demonstrate a process, how to assemble or build something, a means to slow down something too fast to see with the naked eye, or how to speed up a long process.

Try and find one that might work in the subject that you teach. Many of the easier examples to find are for science and math but with some digging maybe you can find one for your subject.

Even if you cannot locate one that works for you, at least find one that you think would be effective at explaining a concept, to do something other than make us smile (not that there is anything wrong with smiling). Here are some suggested places you can look (all links open in a new window)

Include the name of the site it came from. Also include a reason why it is effective. Or maybe speculate how you might do something similar.

And yes we are back in action! The Daily Extends are currently publishing the same activities being published every other day in the Extend mOOC as “Small Stretches.” Shhhh- this is the start of the “Beyond the mOOC” strategy…

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext311


  1.  The Daily Blank Theme can be… less than Daily – CogDogBlog

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