What are your favorite colors? Can you find the colors from your school or team’s logo in the same proportions in other images? Explore the cool tool TinEye’s Multicolr: Search by color.

Choose up to five colors and the search engine finds photos from flickr with the same colors. Then experiment with the sliders to change the proportion.

I used the orange from the Ontario Extend logo and a nice shade of blue I just like.

Note that TinEye creates a URL that can repeat the search, e.g. https://labs.tineye.com/multicolr/#colors=f9bb30,92cde1;weights=34,66; what happens if you tinker with the values for colors= and weights=? How does entering a tag change your results?

What do you find in the images it returns? Are there other themes? How might you use a tool that can find images by color?

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