Check out @clickbaitrobot for some fun tweets made of an image and headline meant to bait you to click. For example:

What if there was an Edubait robot that did the same for content aimed at getting people to click for something educational? Can you do something in the stile of @clickbaitrobot but with a message about the subject you teach or study?

How about this one that is aimed at getting people in the earth sciences to realize that a standing wave caused by a narrowing of a river in a canyon is the same phenomena as a shock wave?

Uses image “Westwater Canyon, Colorado River” flickr photo by MoabAdventurer shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

If you want the full effect, you can use this PNG image to emulate the Clickbait robot logo:

Make people click for information in your academic area!

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext264

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