In our steps for connecting to Ontario Extend, we suggest for new users to twitter and making new blogs on hosted services to consider usernames that are not directly tied to our real names. This is worth suggesting to students if you are asking them to make new accounts.

How do you create a pseudonym username that means something to you? In a post about making accounts on Wikipedia, Mike Caulfield (who is @holden on twitter, can you make that connection?) has a suggestion:

Here’s one way of generating such a username: think of a song you have a memory about — any memory. Something your parents played, a song you remember from a first date, a song that just struck you on a cross-country drive, a song that played constantly on the radio on your way to your first job.

Take the initials of the person/band who performed it, followed by the initials of the song, and the year of the memory. So:

  • David Bowie, Modern Love, heard in 1983 = dbml83
  • John Lennon, Watching the Wheels, 1981 = jlwtw81
  • Billy Bragg, A New England, heard in 1988 = bbane88
  • Neil Young, Broken Arrow, heard in 1990 = nyba90
  • Klugmaknotts. Water Color Sound, 1995 = kwcs95
  • Belle and Sebastian, Sleep the Clock Around, 1999 = basstca99

See if you can create such a username that would work for you, and tweet it out with a link to that song.

For example, mine will be The Who singing My Generation which I got turned on into in high school in 1979. My tweet might be:

My alt twmg79 keeps talikng about “that was bowling”

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext263

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