Email spam, such a pain, a bane of online existence.


Spam flickr photo by mrdodgy shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Can anything useful be made of this detritus? Out of curiosity, peek at the underbelly of your email world, the list of messages your software saves you from.

Can anything of art, beauty be made from this? Try pulling out the subject lines of your spam messages and create a poem?


Confidential Information:
Please I need your urgent help,
urgent respond.

El más querido
What’s on YOUR Wish List?

(no subject)
(no subject)
(no subject)

Or, as an alternative, visit the Spam Poetry Institute and either submit your own, or create a visual metaphor image for one that is already published there.

Is there an activity you can think of in your subject area that can make use of discarded information? At one time there was an ambitious plan by Google to host the data from failed experiments.

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