The internet is chock full of valuable scholarly resources. Thus we bring to you the OEDILF– Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form:

Our goal is to define each and every meaning of each and every word in the English language in limerick form.

The OEDILF truly will be the largest collection of original limericks ever assembled. The goal is immense, the workload mind-boggling, the finish line so far into the distant future that to spend too much time peering towards it is to invite discouragement if not downright mental instability. But still we go on. We’re part of something huger than huge and every single person has every reason to take great pride in his or her participation.

Use the OEDILF to find a limerick definition for a word in the subject area you teach or study. As a former geologist, I found a most excellent one for Accessory Mineral

An accessory mineral’s there
In amounts that are tiny and rare.
Since it’s not what you bore
For in mineral ore:
If it’s present or not, you don’t care.

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