They sing “three is a magic number“…

This is the 3ed day of our 31 Day July 2108 Daily Extend Challenge. Are you 3 for 3?

Think about triplets, triads, in your own field. What is a place in your subject area where threes are helpful for explaining concepts. Maybe a triad diagram?

Google image search on “triad diagram”

Share any way (or three ways!) you know of that threes are used in your subject area.

Even today’s tag, #oext222 can get you three (add up all the 3 same digits, then divide by the same digit… magic!)

This is the third day of the Daily Extend 31 Day Challenge– see if you can go 31 for 31 in July, 2018. But more than just checking it off, test yourself for how much you can push your own creative, reflective limits. See how many other people you can recruit to participate. Maybe three of them!

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext222

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