Are you the type of person who looks at the labels on prepared foods? Do you look st the percentages of nutrients, examine the ingredients list?

Spend some time this morning studying a box of cereal or a can of soup.

Then… think of yourself as a teacher. What are your percentages of teaching elements? What are the ingredients that make up your approach to teaching?

For this extend, we suggest using a Mozilla Thimble project called What Are Your Ingredients?

A finished ingredient remix

While it looks like an image, a Thimble project is a mini self-contained web site. By clicking the “Remix” button you get a copy of all the materials, and you can then modify it… oh no you are looking at code!

Editing a label element in Thimble

Thimble allows you to see immediately how editing the code on the left are seen in the preview on the right. There are extensive comments (grey text in <-- .... --> tags) that tell you where to change the text to modify the can.

So go to the Thimble template, click Remix, and try to make your own can label. See how much you can modify. When you save it (you will have to create an account on Mozilla to to this) it will generate a URL that links to your own can. And you may then notice than other people can remix from your remix!

If this is making your head swim, you do not have to use Thimble; create a label in any tool, heck even just plain text.

But as a bonus, check out some of the Thimble projects you can remix/reuse…. Many like My Six Word Summer also include a lesson plan. See also the Homework Excuse Generator (and lesson plan) or the Current Events Comic Generator (it too has a lesson plan).

This is the second of the Daily Extend 31 Day Challenge– see if you can go 31 for 31 in July, 2018. These might be more complex like today, but we’ll toss in a few easier ones… maybe. See how many other people you can recruit to participate. Put that on your can!

Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext221


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