Ontario is huge! Vast! And we have created different cohorts that are somewhat geographically named (I admit when I started on the project the institutions in the “north” looked pretty central to me 😉

Let’s put our drawing skills, no matter how poor you say they are, to create your vision of the Ontario Extend Cohort map, and as well indicate where you are located. This is a map exercise, too!

For fun, and to introduce you to a new tool, use the TIDraw tool created by D’Arcy Norman and the University of Calgary. Here is mine:

Note that when you save, it is stored on the server where you can link to or download.

And there is a new feature! You can use an existing drawing aw a basis for a new one, so if you prefer to trace…

It’s worth noting that this tool is created as an open resource by an educator, you do not need to create accounts or provide personal data to use it.

At the Taylor Institute, we have a bunch of active learning classrooms – we call them “learning studios”. They’re designed to enable active group collaboration, through the design of the rooms, to the furniture available, and the technology provided. There are 50″ touch-enabled “collaboration carts” that can run almost any web-based tool.

One of the more common uses of the displays involves digital whiteboards. Each display has an actual physical whiteboard beside it, but the digital whiteboard integrates with the AV systems that run the room. Which means we can do things like say “hey – group 1 is doing some cool stuff. check it out!” and push their display to the projector (or even to all other displays in the room) for everyone to see. Much harder to do with traditional whiteboards.

So, when Limnu closed down at the end of 2017, we were stuck. It was by far the best digital whiteboard tool, and we were without that functionality for a while. We switched to AWWBoard, which is good, but seemed to have issues with our touch displays2. We were about to license an AWWBoard account for each collaboration cart (there are 37 of these on the main floor, plus a few more upstairs), so this would have become a pretty significant annual expense.

I was off for a couple of days this week, and between appointments for myself and for my parents I decided to try cobbling something together that could be self-hosted. I didn’t want one of the main tools that we rely on to be at risk of a company pivoting (ala Limnu) or charging more than I’m comfortable committing funds for every year (ala AWWBoard).

It’s easy to see how it could be used as an in class tool for sharing whiteboards– learn more about the reason why D’Arcy created it in Introducing TIDraw – simplest possible digital whiteboards

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