From CBC’s Spark:

“You’ve probably used a URL shortener like before. They turn long, unwieldy URLs into snappy short ones. But why limit them to letters and numbers?

Alberto Betella created a URL shortener that turns long chains of characters into short strings of emojis. The shortener uses natural language processing to look for information in the original, conventional URL, and translates that into related goofy emojis. For example, the emojis for a page about the show Game of Thrones are ‘snowflake/crossed swords/crown’.”

I dug down a little on an institutional site:

Take for a test drive to discover how it translates your favourite (or least favourite) ed sites.

Don’t like the results from Create your own visual | emoji representation of your site and post it.

If you end up content with the site’s result… As of September 30, 2017, neither Twitter nor FB displays the emojis. Follow the example of Spark and write it out, take a Lightshot, or creator’s choice and post.

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