When we curate a collection, the goal is to make that group of items or information easily accessible and available.  But what happens to those items in your collection that never get used?  What if you could give an abandoned item a bit of life?

Spotify curates millions of songs.  About 80% of the 30 million songs have been listened to at least once.  At 20% without a listen, there are 6 million items out there waiting to be discovered.

Go to Forgotify and click on Start Listening.  It will find you a track that no one else has ever listened to. Let us know which song you’ve just saved from obscurity.  http://forgotify.com/

Why ephemeral?  Once you listen to a song, its play count increases and it will never be heard again through Forgotify.

Photo by Antonis Spiridakis on Unsplash


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