The UK Daily Mirror shocks us with this headline “One in eight British youngsters have never seen a cow – what else are these youths yet to see?”

The news that 12 percent of British people aged 18-24 have never actually seen a cow with their own eyes begs the question: what else are these people yet to witness?

Because the Mirror is more or less a tabloid, their responses are, in our opinion, rather thin. “A phone plugged in to a wall”? Is that really a tragic loss? “A TV with actual buttons on it” What is so great about buttons? (or TV)? “VHS tapes”?

“An economic and political landscape which offers hope for a brighter future, where all things are possible and potential is destined to be fulfilled” Now perhaps closer to something important?

Your challenge to day is to describe, or better yet show, something really significant, from your daily experience and as a teacher, in the hurtling rush towards Techno Utopoa, something people should not lose out on.

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