Choral Explanations, according to Mike Caulfield, is a different way for us to try to understand concepts, ideas, plans, or strategies. Rather than looking for the one best answer, it is hearing what everyone has to say about it.

A chorus of voices.

It’s everyone sharing their understanding in their own words. And by circling the wagons around this concept, through all of these explanations, we may wind up with a sharper grasp of it all.

Is it too early in the day to get meta? Nope? Okay! Let’s chorally explain choral explanations to each other.

Tweet your description of what ‘Choral Explanations” means to you. Or film it. Or blog it. Extra bonus Extend points for suggesting how and where you might use it in your teaching and learning.


“Chorus” flickr photo by egorgrebnev shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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This Daily Extend has been recycled from previously published ones:

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