#oext364 #oextend A Daily of Limited Utility

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“Aside from novelty and amusement, calculator spelling has limited utility” Let’s try it anyway. If all you had at your disposal to send a message to your Extender friends was calculator spelling, what would you say? This Daily Extend idea came from Kim Carter of Conestoga College’s friend named Disco Bot. Tweet your response to @ontarioextend… Read more »

#oext361 #oextend Investigate a Fake Library Statistic

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From a fun account on twitter, comes Fake Library Statistics @FakeLibStats. From their bio “Tweets from a real librarian. Not currently wearing a cardigan.” Share one sample tweet, and see how much research you can do to back it up. Controlled Vocabulary as Used by Librarians pic.twitter.com/KqxWmwVyBf — Fake Library Statistics (@FakeLibStats) March 21, 2019… Read more »

#oext360 #oextend Music Maketh Me

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Spell out your name with songs! What are the tunes that make up “you”? Everyone’s made up of Stuff. Lots of little things that come together in a collective and show who they are, y’know? One of the ways to get to know someone is through the music they listen to. But this won’t be… Read more »

#oext358 #oextend Pitch a Podcast Episode

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Have you listened to a recent podcast that made you jump up on excitement saying “everyone should listen to this”? Even if not, recommend a compelling podcast episode that would be meaningful to other Ontario Extenders. Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext358

#oext357 #oextend Start Plans for Your Graphic Novella

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Ontario Extend and Open Education enthusiast Jess O’ Reilly recently completed her Open Education Fellowship with eCampusOntario. And with the help of Rowan, it has become a graphic novella! Very cool!     Do you have a educational coming of age story that, if you had your own Rowan at your disposal, you would graphic… Read more »

#oext356 #oextend Find a Desire Path

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Desire paths are “the trails that are instinctively chosen and created over time” in spite of constructed pathways. In a recent post on The Open Faculty Patchbook, Maureen Glynn reflected on her experience with desire paths, both literal and the figurative ones we see in our courses. “students will always find unanticipated and wonderful ways… Read more »

#oext355 #oextend The June Daily Challenge Survival Pack

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You’ve accepted the challenge, but are you prepared? Ontario Extend is hosting its traditional June Daily Extend Challenge, in which we challenge you, the person interested in enabling beautiful learning environments maybe using technology, to complete 20 Daily Extends during the month. What are you packing in your Daily Extend Challenge survival pack? Phone/Laptop? First… Read more »