#oext173 Erase Your Field

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Imagine the world without a field in which you work. What would it be like? It could be the field in which you work, the field you teach, or a field of education itself. Describe or show us this awful place. For example, a world without Digital Pedagogy would be a world in which instructors… Read more »

#oext86 Here Comes the Neighborhood

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Not to get too technical, but the Internet is a bunch of things loosely connected by hyperlinks and stuff. In a sense, hyperlinks allow you to put things side by side. In other words, if your domain is your home on the Internet, you can create a nice little neighborhood simply by linking to the domains… Read more »

#oext66 Your Way

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Designers design things and users use them… their way.   What’s your example of something that you use that is not quite the way the designer intended? Do you use a cafeteria tray as a sled? A sled to serve breakfast in bed? Share a photo, illustration or haiku about taking ownership of user experience…. Read more »