#oext384 #oextend Name Your Web Color

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Do you know the name of the prominent color on your web site (or a favorite site). Let’s try some browser tools to explore colors. First, install a color picker extension for your browser, try ColorZilla for Chrome or FireFox. You can use this tool to select with the eyedropper the color of any element… Read more »

#oext380 #oextend CanCon Collection

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For Canada Day, let’s create some Canadian content motivational GIFs for the educators in your life to use in our teaching this fall. Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash Find (or create) a motivational GIF from a Canadian source (Schitt’s Creek? Murdoch Mysteries? Degrassi? Edison Twins?) and share it with us. Happy Canada Day! Tweet your response to… Read more »

#oext378 #oextend What Don’t I Know?

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Tell us, loud and proud, something that you know that you don’t know how to do with technology. Maybe you want to know, but you’re just not ready yet. Let’s commiserate in the fact that there’s lots to know and we don’t know everything! “Vintage TV Color Bars” flickr photo by køpper https://flickr.com/photos/kopper/32541144615 shared into… Read more »

#oext375 #oextend GIF a Thanks to @greeneterry

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This week Terry Greene is wrapping up his eCampus Ontario Programming Manager stint and we know that no one loves the GIFs (and the Daily Extend) as much as Terry. Please share your appreciation for terry by responding with a GIF and/or a comment on his blog post. Keep gettin air!   GIF made from… Read more »

#oext374 #oextend Send Someone a Message from the Internet Archive’s Great 78 Collection

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Not only is it digitized analog, it’s an amazing open resource of music history. The Internet Archive’s Great 78 Project has over 150,000 digitized 78rpm discs   The Internet Archive's collection of digitized 78rpm records is well past 150,000! All playable immediately in your browser. https://t.co/BwlWuj1NHg Also, there's now a full run-down of how we… Read more »

#oext370 #oextend Imagine a Signature

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Think of a historic figure in your field, then try to guess what their handwriting might have looked like. Give the Font Meme Signature tool a chance to try and make it as you imagine. I’d love a Darwin autograph! Who will you pick? Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the… Read more »

#oext369 #oextend Digital vs/or/and Analog

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Show us something in your world that include both digital and analog worlds. Or more subtle… The collision of analog and digital. #RightTwiceADay pic.twitter.com/E1iM9senrO — Dan Blickensderfer (@Dan_Blick) June 17, 2019 Tweet your response to @ontarioextend and be sure to include the hashtag #oext369

#oext368 #oextend Summer Reading Promises

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Technically you can read stuff year-round, but the promise of summer free time makes our brains tell us to catch up on our reading. So let’s put ourselves on the spot. Tell us what, when and where you will be doing some catch up reading. Personal or professional submissions accepted. Photo by Laëtitia Buscaylet on Unsplash Tweet your… Read more »