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The Daily Extend provides a low stakes space for regular exercises of creativity and media skills through challenges published every day.

It is built for participants in the Ontario Extend project (part of a Northern Capacity building initiative, working collaboratively with eCampus Ontario and the publicly funded colleges and universities in Northern Ontario. But living in the open web, the Daily Extends are available for anyone else who wants to try them. We want millions of people extending with us.

We are loosely connecting the Daily Extends to the project’s components: Teacher for Learning, Curator, Technologist, Collaborator, Scholar, and Experimenter.

Each Daily Extend ought take no more than 15-20 minutes; you are welcome to do more, but from ur experience it is best to go with a first impulse. There is no right or wrong way to do Daily Extends, the interpretation of them as an “assignment” is left to the individual. The goal is to practice new media skills, experiment with online information, and also to have a bit of fun in a connected space.

There are also no registrations, account names, no badges, just a community of people extending themselves daily.

Here’s how to get started ‘extending’:

  1. Follow @OntarioExtend on Twitter. New extends are posted each day at 6AM EST. They will vary in mode of media– photography, drawing, audio, video, writing.
  2. Once you’ve created your response, follow the instructions on the Daily Extend to submit your work via twitter. For your response to show up here your tweet must include @OntarioExtend as well as the tag specific for that day, e.g. #oext163.
  3. That’s it! It may take up to an hour or more for your response to show up on the site. If you think we missed one, please send a tweet to @cogdog who can open the hood of the web site and bang the pipes. NOTE: Your tweets will not show up if your account is protected

The Daily Extend is based on the Daily Create developed as part of the ds106 open course on digital storytelling, the Daily Extend is open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises (and it more fun than jumping jacks, pushups, or routines like P90X).

Reusing Daily Extends

You are more than welcome to make use of our Daily Extends for any kind of prompts for educational or creative activities. Many of them are borrowed or adapted from elsewhere, others have no indicated author. All Daily Extends are openly sharable under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Extending the Extends

Do you have an idea for a new Daily Extend? We would love to put it into the rotation- just share your idea via our form, and it it may show up soon.